Finish Rinse Aid - Shine & Dry (400 ML)
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Finish Rinse Aid - Shine & Dry (400 ML)

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Finish Rinse Aid - Shine & Dry (400 ML)
Finish Rinse Aid, Shine & Dry is for use in dishwashers. It contains a quick dry formula to provide a clean and shiny finish to your dishes. Finish Rinse Aid, Shine & Dry pours easily and dissolves quickly in the wash to get to work straight away.

- With a powerful rinsing action which effectively fights against water marks and residues
- Improved Quick-dry formula speeds up drying of dishes with brilliant shine
- Works in the rinse-cycle to thoroughly clear away detergent and food residues, while ensuring a moisture-free end result.
- Gets evaporated easily and prevents visible spots after drying/evaporation


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- Simply fill your rinse aid dispenser as directed by the machines manufacturer and make sure to keep it topped up.
- Pour Finish Rinse Aid directly into the rinse aid chamber of your dishwasher until the chamber is full.
- Always use Finish Rinse Aid for the best possible dishwashing results, even when using all-in-one tablets.
- Refill when the dishwasher rinse aid indicator blinks.