Finish Dishwasher Salt (2 KG)
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Finish Dishwasher Salt (2 KG)

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Finish Dishwasher Salt (2 KG)

Finish Dishwasher Salt helps in making hard water soft in your dishwasher - no more white spots on your dishes. It helps avoid scale deposits on the dishes and in the dishwasher.

- Helps remove water hardness that has a negative effect on the dishwasher performance results
- Makes water soft
- Improves shine of the dishes
- Finish Dishwasher Salt is guaranteed free from residues


Delivery time: Please expect your order to reach you within 3-4 days for metro and 5-7 days for non-metro cities.


You will be entitled to a 100% replacement in case you have received goods which are damaged or distorted. Returns must be initiated within 24 hours of receiving your order by either calling us or sending us an email.

- Remove cap from salt chamber of the dishwasher
 - Pour Finish dishwasher salt until the chamber is full
 - Choose wash cycles and start dishwasher