Results On Indian Utensils And Dishes – Finish

  • Your dishwasher is perfectly tailored for Indian utensils to give shiny results. Various programmes in dishwasher clean all stubborn Masala stains from oily utensils including greasy Kadhais, big cookers, delicate glass and microwave safe plastic to make them sparkling clean. 
  • Normally, a dishwasher has 2 racks to stack the dishes. The lower rack is used to keep all heavily soiled utensils like Kadhais, steel cookers; big plates and bigger utensils can be placed as well. It also has a cutlery rack to place spoons, forks and knives. 
  • The other basket is used to keep small dishes (faced downwards) like glasses, cups, saucers, mugs, bowls etc. its height can be adjusted to make space for taller utensils. Cutlery belongs to the cutlery basket; the soiled portion should be facing upwards so that water reaches it easily. 
  • From the safety point of view, place sharp items down or lay them flat. Make sure the spray arm on the top and bottom is not blocked my tall items. If it doesn’t rotate, reorganize the dishes. Dishwasher gives you quick and effortless dishwashing for clean, dry and shiny dishes.