Myths about Dishwasher – Finish

We all know that doing dishes is one of the most tedious chores. That is because hand washing dishes can take a lot of time and effort. Besides this, hand washing dishes wastes a huge amount of water, and then there’s also the worry of broken dishes. And not to forget, the chemical laden dish soap that you use often leaves residues on the dishes! Sounds unhealthy, doesn’t it?!

There are numerous reasons why investing in a dishwasher is a smart choice. If you’re still not sure, here are the top myths surrounding dishwashers to help separate fact from fiction -


Myth#1- Dishwashers take too much time to do the job

Fact- On the contrary, letting a dishwasher clean the messy dishes saves you a lot of time. Imagine a house-party after which you’re left with a sink full of dirty dishes. Wouldn’t it be good to have a dishwasher at your service? With simple steps, just load the dishes, fill in some FINISH power powder detergent, and switch it on.

Myth#2- Dishwasher doesn’t act on grease and stains

Fact- Cleaning up those greasy plates or baked-on food by hand can be a demanding task. Dishwashers, along with the supercharged all-in-one FINISH tablets, are really great at removing the toughest of stains with high-pressured water jets. So, all you need to do is to remove any food on the dishes, add FINISH Super Charged Tablet, and all the messy scrubbing is done by your dishwasher!

Myth#3- Using dishwasher means water wastage

Fact- Did you know that a dishwasher requires 7 times less water than what is used in hand-washing utensils? A dishwasher actually helps you save a huge amount of water. It stores less than a bowl full of water, and reuses this small amount of water.

Myth#4- Dishwasher leaves glassware cloudy

Fact- If you have cloudy glassware at the end of your dishwashing cycle, then there’s probably an issue with your dishwasher, or you are not using the right dishwashing detergent. Try FINISH power powder detergent with FINISH Dishwasher Salt and FINISH Rinse Aid to get clean dishes with a spotless shine.

Myth#5- Dishwasher corrodes glassware

Fact- When you buy glassware, ensure that they are dishwasher safe. Always use FINISH Super Charged Tablet which contains glass protection ingredient that doesn’t corrode glass, and keeps the glass film intact.

Myth#6- Hand-washing ensures hygienic cleaning of dishes

Fact- Soap scrubs or sponges are hothouses for common bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella which can cause food poisoning. A dishwasher uses heated water, and fresh dishwasher detergent is added every time, which ensures hygienic cleaning of dishes.

Dishwashers are a value-add to your home. A single investment can save you time, effort and money! It is time to rethink.