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We’re most used to tea or coffee being served out of a ceramic ‘tea cup’, but in different countries, different cultures have devised a wide variety of customs and traditions when it comes to consuming one of the world’s favourite drink. Rather than drink their afternoon tea out of a ceramic cup or mug, much of the world opts for a glass whilst drinking tea – but is there anything in it?


Why use a glass?

There are lots of reasons that drinking tea out of a glass is preferable to using a ceramic:

  1. The first and perhaps most obvious one, is the fact that you can see the liquid within. This enables you to judge the strength of your tea whilst it is steeping, to make sure that you get the perfect brew every time.
  2. When you serve tea in a ceramic cup, the microscopic imperfections in the surface of the cup can actually have a drastic effect on the quality of the tea. When the tea molecules are bashed against these rough surfaces, the delicate flavours can become agitated, and overpower each other. Glass is a great deal smoother, so is able to preserve these subtleties.
  3. Glass is somewhat easier to clean that ceramics, particularly ceramics that have porous properties. The vegetable tannins in the tea can lodge themselves in the surface of the cup and become very difficult to remove. Glass’s smooth surface means that these stains don’t become quite so anchored to the vessel, and can be washed much more easily.


The downsides of using glass?

There is one property of glass that can cause major problems when using it for tea, or for any hot drink: its ability to conduct heat. At best this can mean burning your hand as you hold the hot glass, which is why the Russians developed the ‘podstakannik’ (literally, ‘the thing under the glass’), which is a metal handle for the tea glass. At worst however, pouring hot liquid into a cold glass, could cause it to suffer a phenomenon called ‘thermic shock’, where the glass is caused to expand or contract extremely rapidly, cracking, or even shattering it. Lots of glasses, and all glasses designed for hot drinks, have been tempered, which will make them resistant to most rapid temperature changes. It’s important to always check the individual glass before using it to contain any hot liquids.


Cleaning up

Regardless of whether you favour glass or ceramics, there is one constant – the washing up. Tea has the ability to create a very stubborn stain, but Finish is able to take care of it. The specially formulated dishwasher tablets work to help break down the vegetable fibers that cause tea stains, leaving your wash looking great.

With repeated washing, however, glasses can become cloudy, which is why here at Finish, we worked to ensure that your glasses stay protected and shiny! Detergents that help ensure a fantastic clean, whilst protecting from the processes that can cause cloudy glasses.

So, whenever, and however, you decide to have a cup of tea – Finish is there to take care of the washing up.