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The packet contained multiple tablets where each tablet was coated with a thin plastic neatly. Easy to handle and quite easy to store. The cleaning done by these tablets was quite good and it successfully removed stains and dirt in a single wash.

- Sapna | Homemaker | Delhi

Gives shining results. the utensils are better washed and shine on completion of cycle by dishwasher. good product alongwith detergent and salt. However using dishwasher tablets is easier. tablets may be costly but gives better results

- Kavita | Working Professional | Mumbai

The utensils, no matter how dry and dirty, come out extremely clean and shiny. Highly recommend this one over any other dishwasher tablet.

- Soumya | Homemaker | Ahmedabad

A must have for all diswashers. After experimenting with less expensive brands came back to finish product. leaves our dishes sparkling.

- Pratik | Entrepreneur | Bengaluru

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